Go Renewable!

At present, wind power and the ethical ‘green’ energy sector are highly
capital-intensive, and attract the most demanding investors. Low risk
and good returns are two of the benefits which, for many, make wind
power a preferred investment area.

Wind Farm Energy

There is a growing global political consensus to reduce fossil fuel energy dependency. Fossil fuels are limited, expensive and harmful to the environment. In addition, renewable energy prices are stable and are not affected by political and economic events; unlike the volatile prices of Oil & Gas. As of October 2017, 194 states and the European Union, have signed the Paris Climate Agreement, committing to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.

In addition to investment in whole wind farms, we also offer the opportunity to invest in individual wind turbines or shares in turbines. This set-up works well for investors who, for example, want to spread the risk by becoming shareholders in several different wind turbines.



Renewable Is Your Best Investment

Wind power is the world’s fastest growing energy source, and perfectly fits the needs of our own windswept islands. Among its many advantages, wind power is a clean, reliable and renewable resource.

We provide the platform for investors to enter an ethical market, offering competitive returns via a climate bond offering. 

The projects that we support match our own corporate social responsibility policy. Everyone just feels brighter and works better when we do what is intrinsically right. Ethical behaviour just makes good business sense.
Averren Energy – working towards a brighter, cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy.

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